Hypnobirthing Classes Witney

Exciting isn’t it? You’re pregnant and just at the right moment KG antenatal Hypnobirthing classes are now in Witney!

Hypnobirthing can make you calm & confident, so that your body can birth at its best! Plus – group hypnobirthing classes are intelligent, supportive & a great way to make pregnant friends!

Just £239 & no extra charge for birth partners. It’s never too late to book (but classes fill up quickly!)

Most women do classes  at 25-35 weeks but check out my  reassuring KGH Ts&Cs in case you give birth before your course ends!

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Our Classes

Hypnobirthing Classes – 2018

I keep your classes nice & small. and I get booked up quickly!


More group classes in Oxford and Thame

Oxford – Feb/March Course

  • 1 – Hypnobirth & Hypno – Monday 25th Feb
  • 2 – Techniques – Monday 4th March
  • 3 – Birth: Mind & Body – Monday 11th
  • 4 – Your HypnoBirth – Monday 18th

7pm-9.30pm With Steph In Wheatley Merry bells

Just £239

Witney – March  Classes

Saturday 2nd March 10-3.30pm

  • 1 – Hypnobirth & Hypno
  • 2 – Advanced Techniques

Saturday 9th March 10-3.30pm

  • 3 – Birth: Mind & Body
  • 4 – Your HypnoBirth

Only 3 places left


10am-3.30pm With Steph In Witney Methodist Church Just £239

Witney – May/June  Course

2 consecutive Saturdays – Dates TBC




10am-3.30pm With Steph In Witney Methodist Church Just £239

What’s included in your course

  • 10 hours of Hypnobirthing classes
  • The Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves
  • Folder of KG Hypnobirthing class notes
  • KGH MP3 Colour & Calmness
  • Hypnobirthing Anchor Stone
  • Daily positive birth affirmations to your inbox
  • Printable positive birth affirmations
  • Support throughout your pregnancy
  • See Full KGH Course Content & Structure
  • Visit my KGH Global page
FAQ 01.

What is Hypnobirthing?

Great Question! Hypnobirthing is Self Hypnosis for birth and a high quality antennal education from the Hypnobirthing perspective. Hypnobirthing teaches you the process of birth from the science of BODY and MIND. Mammals are designed to birth calmly & gently. Which means that SO ARE YOU! You will therefore learn to release old fears & misconceptions of childbirth.  And learn how good you are at giving birth! Your hypnobirthing practice will give you confidence in your birthing BODY and MIND.  Advanced hypnotic techniques will give you additional skills for all birth eventualities.  And by being calm & confident in pregnancy & birth, you produce wonderful natural; birth hormones that help you feel great, help prevent pain and even benefit your baby!


FAQ 02.

How long, how much?

£239 – 10 hours – 4 classes – Delivered over 2 Saturdays 10-4pm in Witney Methodist Church 

  • What is Hypnosis & Hypnobirthing? And how does Hypnobirthing work?
  • Advanced Hypnobirthing techniques for body & mind
  • Confidence, Choice & Empowerment through all types of birth
  • Hypnobirthing – how is all comes together
FAQ 03.

I’m doing nct & yoga, do I need Hypnobirthing aswell?

 Many of my mamas do nct, daisy birthing classes or NHS antenatal classes alongside Hypnobirthing. The main difference is that Hypnobirthing is birth from the BODY and MIND perspective.  So Calm, Confidence, Knowledge &Empowerment for a Positive Birth whatever path your labour takes.

Pregnancy yoga is a beautiful addition to Hypnobirthing because there are so many parallels. My personal favourite in Witney is Sue Baldwin at The Yoga Room (Balance Studios).

To summarise, any addition to Hypnobirthing that helps you relax & feel confident are great. I opted for NHS antenatal classes near me & aqua natal classes!

FAQ 04.

What is a birth partner?

 A birth partner is the person you choose to have with you during labour & birth. So they are in addition to your midwife. Unless you have a private midwife you’re unlikely to know the midwife who cares for you during birth. So having someone you know with you is nice!

Birth partners are usually baby’s daddy, a friend, relative, doula, birth friend, or independent midwife.

FAQ 05.

Can I bring my partner?

Yes of course. Your birth partner will learn to support you both physically and emotionally during labour. Hypnobirthing dads say my classes give them CONFIDENCE. This means confidence in themselves, in birth and in YOU.

Some partners miss the odd class, some arrive late and dive into class midway through. Whatever they can do, they will benefit.

FAQ 06.

Can I do Hypnobirthing alone?

Absolutely. I did! My husband was very supportive of the self-hypnosis for birth I use in my first pregnancy but the course didn’t include him in the sessions.

If your partner can’t come to class (e.g. for childcare or work) we cover how to involve them. Of course, they can contact me anytime.

Occasionally a father doesn’t want to be at the birth – usually due to fears of birth, fear of blood or fear of hospitals for example. Hypnotherapy can help with birth fears (tocophobia) and other anxieties. Whatever will give you your best birth.

Single mamas also benefit from KG Hypnobirthing and say our mama meet ups & ongoing support is invaluable.

Online Hypnobirthing?

You can now learn KG Hypnobirthing from the comfort of your own home, at anytime you choose. Study at your own pace, whenever, wherever you like!


What You Say About My Classes

“Hypnobirthing allowed me to go with the flow of pregnancy and birth. It put me in a positive, calm and accepting state of mind.  My partner was great & I just breathed our baby out.”

Namvula, Oxford, Singer

“Scared about the thought of giving birth, I ended up looking forward to it! I was excited to test my body and see what it could do! We had a fast early labour, chilling out, with no drugs or pain relief. I loved the whole experience!”

Catherine, Kidlington

“Hypnobirthing prepped me with the tools to go, making me more confident and more efficient during my partner’s labour. Meeting Steph taught me that a calm environment it essential for the process.”

Jerome, Zimbawe, Singer

steph helps


I’ve got You

With over 10 years of experience & 3 hypnobabies, I offer full support to ALL my hypnobirthing mamas. And we have Mama Meet Ups because we LOVE them.

  • Group classes – £239 
  • Private 1:1 classes – £399

Book now with just a £50 deposit via BACS and pay the remainder 2 weeks before your course starts.

Contact me in confidence if you are experiencing financial hardship so we can discuss what might work.


Your birth

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Your course begins! Let’s build your birth confidence happiness & calmness.

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What Witney Mamas say

“On behalf of my baby I would like to say thank you. He is definitely a hypnobirthing baby. I was so relaxed through pregnancy since seeing Steph  & trusted by body. My baby is so content, nothing seems to phase him!”


“I had the most relaxing labour and my baby turned out to be such a chilled baby. She is the most amazing girl. I can never thank you enough for sharing with me the powers of Hypnobirthing, I will be forever grateful.”


“After a private course in my home, I feel completely at ease as I approach my baby’s due date. Steph took the time to listen to our concerns but also our hopes and desires. Definitely more relaxed, calm and ready for our new arrival”


Want to love your baby’s birth?

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