“Before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday, she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel, and fall into a sleep like death!” (Malificent) No wait, that’s not it but the principle is the same, or rather similar.

Hypnobirthing is just too good for fairy tales!

Today is my son’s birthday and despite having been pushed, bullied and cajoled about blogging for a year or so now I have got nowhere. So today I decree that “Before the sun sets on his 8th Birthday, she will get her typing fingers out and write a blog, even if it means she (or her readers) falls into a death like sleep”. My son is my first hypnobirthing baby, an experience that has, through an unexpected series of events, led to me becoming a Hypnotherapist and a KG Hypnobirthing teacher.

So all other ideas for hypnobirthing blogs aside…

This is my story as to why I had a hypnobirth. I’m not fluffy, by any stretch of the imagination. I was a total science bunny before a long and thrilling career in the emergency services. During that time I met my now husband, got married, (probably) saved a few lives and put plenty of people well and truly in their place. Then infertility struck and nothing seemed to work. We eventually discovered there was nothing wrong, but that information alone didn’t get me pregnant, the meds landed me in A&E, I was sick of recording dates/temperatures and waiting for the next cycle to start etc and still no good news to share. When my husand declared he was now being used for nothing more than sex (which admittedly does become tiresome after a couple of years), I decided to try hypnotherapy. After all, if it wasn’t a physical problem, perhaps it was the mind? And BOOM, within about 6 weeks I had a positive pregnancy test.

My lovely hypnotherapist suggested a hypnobirth and she knew just the person (who was at that time, just about the only hypnobirthing teacher within a 60 mile radius). I can’t recall how she described hypnobirthing to me, but it seemed obvious that if hypnotherapy could help get baby in, hypnotherapy could help get baby out! But my reasons for wanting a hypnobirth ran far deeper than that.

Hypnotherapy for Fertility in Oxford with www.stephmcgeehypnotherapy.com

When I was about 4 years old, I had a holiday on a friend’s farm. Whilst running from the sheep field back into the farmhouse I nearly tripped over their dog. There she was lying near the back door, cool as a cucumber popping puppies out. She glanced casually at me, very still, and breathing gently as the next puppy started to emerge. So I stood in awe for several moments watching my first ever birth, before running off to tell the farmer’s wife.

And for years after, my view of birthing remained the same. You just chill out and gently pop baby out, right? Wrong! Everyone you speak to the minute you’re pregnant (or they are?!) tells horror stories and what we see on TV isn’t much better. But I didn’t want that, I wanted:


I don’t scream and shout at the best of times and I didn’t want that to change during birth.

Vaginal appreciation to remain in tact

A colleague’s husband had described seeing her giving birth vaginally, as like seeing his favourite pub burn down to the ground. I didn’t want that! Not least because I was already hankering for baby number two.


Birthing classes & baby forums gave me lots of information on drugs for pain control, but they also told of the side effects and I didn’t fancy being off my face, not knowing when to push, or vomiting (to name some of them). I also didn’t like the thought of a needle going anywhere near my back. I’m not phobic, but unless there was a medical emergency, anyone who mentioned such a wince worthy procedure could jog on.

So without digressing into my first hypnobirthing story just yet, I will tell you that I got exactly what I wanted – more or less. Things didn’t 100% go to plan, but what birth plan ever does? Crucially, I had dignity, control and my husband did not develop any phobias. I had confidence, I was calm and I don’t think my new baby heard much shouting or swearing at all.

Ever since, anyone who is pregnant hears my positive birthing stories, my love of hypnobirthing and my joy of giving birth. I usually get looks (and some comments) that mean they assume I am a bit of an odd ball, that I don’t shave my legs and that my vagina is the size of the Dartford tunnel. But that’s ok, because its not true and just once in a while, someone listens and they decide to have a hypnobirth too.