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Thame Hypnobirthing classes are here to make your pregnancy a little easier! So let hypnobirthing leave you calm & relaxed, able to enjoy your pregnancy & baby’s gorgeous birth. And it couldn’t be more convenient because now your KG Hypnobirthing course is right here in Thame!


My Hypnobirthing mamas are asking for a group Thame Hypnobirthing course – because it’s convenient for all of you living in Watlington, Lewknor, Haddenham & THAME. So I’ve made it happen! And as a result, this September KG Hypnobirthing is coming to the Thame Barns Centre.


Thame hypnobirthing classes are intelligent, fun, supportive & at just £250 are more affordable than a private class. Plus your birth partner can join you at no addition cost! You can book your course to start anytime, because it’s never to late! 25-35 weeks is usual but check out my  reassuring KGH Ts&Cs in case you give birth before your course ends!


Katharine Graves


Private 1:1


antenatal & postnatal


What’s included in your course

  • 10 hours of Thame Hypnobirthing classes
  • The Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves
  • Folder of KG Hypnobirthing class notes & posters
  • KG Hypnobirthing MP3 Colour & Calmness
  • Hypnobirthing Anchor Stone
  • Daily positive birth affirmations to your inbox
  • Printable positive birth affirmations
  • Support throughout your pregnancy
  • See Full KGH Course Content & Structure
  • Visit my KGH Global page

Our Classes

Hypnobirthing Classes – 2018

Please contact me if the class you need  is fully booked


more group classes in Oxford and Eynsham, Witney

Thame – September/October

  • 1 – Hypnobirth & Hypno – Wed 26th Sept
  • 2 – Techniques – Wed 3rd Oct
  • 3 – Mind & Body for Birth – Wed 17th Oct
  • 4 – Your HypnoBirth – Wed 24th Oct

Wed 7-9.45pm With Steph at the Thame Barns  Centre

Oxford – September course

  • 1 – Hypnobirthing & Hypnosis – Monday 3rd Sept
  • 2 – Techniques – Monday 10th Sept
  • 3 – Mind & Body for Birth – Monday 17th Sept
  • 4 – Your Hypno Birth – Monday 24th Sept


7pm-9.30pm With Steph In Horspath village Horspath Hub

Oxford – November course

  • 1 – Hypnobirthing & Hypnosis – Mon 7th Nov
  • 2 – Techniques – Mon 14th Nov
  • 3 – Mind & Body for Birth – Mon 21st Nov
  • 4 – Your Hypno Birth – Mon 28th Nov

7pm-9.30pm With Steph In Horspath village Horspath Hub
group hypnobirthing


More about Group Classes


Group Hypnobirthing classes are great. You may arrive scared of birth but will soon discover it’s normal & that you are not alone. But most importantly, you will meet people who all want a positive birth. This leads to a meeting of minds & a making of friends, particularly as your Hypnobirthing skills grow & you start looking forward to the exciting process of giving birth. (Yes, you are likely to look forward to the process of childbirth!)


Your Thame Hypnobirthing course is split into 4 classes. If you miss one, you can catch up on the next course (where dates & space allows). You will be emailed joining instructions before your course starts. And I will send you your KG antenatal Hypnobirthing MP3 when you book, so you can start practicing right away.


What You Are Saying About My Courses

“Steph was wonderful! She has taken away all my fears surrounding labour & birth. Whereas before the thought of labour would terrify me, I now feel relaxed & positive about what’s to come. Many Thanks”

Katherine, Witney

“We’ve just completed the group course and LOVED it. Meeting couples in the same situation, the social aspect, the humour & support. The true beauty of the KG Hypnobirthing method is the positivity. Anyone thinking about it, just give it a go…”

Carrie, Thame

“I had an induction at 42 weeks. Thank you for everything you taught me. I did stay calm & relaxed when I could and never doubted his safe arrival. He is definitely a hypnobirhting baby – so content and the happiest baby boy, nothing seems to phase has him”

Katy, Watlington

Want to love your baby’s birth?

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