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I am honoured to receive so many gorgeous, empowering birth stories. But it makes sense, doesn’t it? Choose the UKs leading hypnobirthing course and choose me. With all my knowledge, passion, dedication and most importantly my REALISM. Why? Because birth is never 100% perfect nor should we expect it to be. My mamas know all the pit falls of birth, the bumps in the road and being aware can make them avoidable. As a result, if something doesn’t quite go to plan, you know  how to deal with it – body & mind – calm & confident.

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Kind words & Beautiful Births

I see people create their own, unique and beautiful birth stories. Because it’s not just the hypnobirthing. It’s the process I take you through. As a therapist, I give you more than just a Hypnobirthing course. We can start to lift all the day to day stresses, the fears, about pregnancy, birth, parenthood or life in general. As a Hypnobirthing mama, I know what works  and importantly, what doesn’t work. So let’s start your hypnobirthing journey & create the beautiful birth story that will stay with you forever.
“Super quick note to say we had out little boy this evening in the lovely dark room at the Spires. I had no pain relief (including no gas & air and no paracetamol). The first half of labour was back to back which was incredibly challenging. I laboured in the pool and then delivered on my back(!!) I loved the whole experience and can’t thank you enough for helping us to prepare”

Catherine, Kidlington

“Kirst was flippin amazing! Credit where it’s due – the midwives were also amazing. When the second (midwife) turned up – presumably in case the first one fainted in awe of Kirsty’s awesomeness, I could read the body language between them. They too were both clearly amazed by Kirst – both her physical and mental strength.

I mostly sounded like a broken record “calm and relaxed Kirst”, “relax your shoulders”, “remember your breathing, in…..out…..”. But I could see it was helping! We had thought the back stroking was going to be our thing, but by the time Kirst’s skin hit the warm water in the pool it’s was all hands on deck (or possibly under deck in this case). A relaxed and calm mum resulted in a complication free birth. We’re both so proud and grateful for the help of the Wallingford staff and for your great sessions – they really helped me to get onboard with the Hypnobirthing which clearly Kirst knew was right for her! What I’m trying to say is thank you!

I am so happy I pursued Hypnobirthing and similarly happy that I found your course when I did, the fact that it was based on KGH and I was reading the book at the same time felt like fate! Thank you for your amazing sessions, the content and the way you delivered it was spot on, never too much information. You made us feel welcome and at ease, allowing us to feel confident in utilising the methods and techniques in a way that suited us.”

Rob, Abingdon

“Hypnobirthing allowed me to go with the flow of pregnancy and birth. It put me in a positive, calm and accepting state of mind, which was so important as it was my first pregnancy and I didn’t know what to expect from labour.
Steph worked with me in the final months of my pregnancy, guiding me through the hypnobirthing exercises and what I might expect in labour. Her gentle, positive and loving manner was so important in making me feel excited and relaxed about the last stages of my pregnancy and my labour.
My partner was great at helping me through the hypnobirthing exercises, which we used during labour. During labour, the element of time disappeared, with my partner’s voice leading me through contractions calmly and confidently. I just kept telling myself to surrender, that each contraction was nudging my baby closer to us. I visualised water flowing downwards, and flowers opening. My labour was relatively short for a first timer, and the midwife was surprised at how calm the birth was with a 3 minute gap between delivering my baby’s head and his body – which was the easiest part!  My partner says I just breathed the baby out…which is a beautiful way to think of our boy arriving into this world.” Singer Songwriter

Namvula Rennie, Oxford

“Having been in a birthing room before with my sister, this was my second experience! I felt like hypnobirthing prepped me with tools to go to, making me more confident and more efficient during my partner’s labour. Meeting with Steph taught me that a calm environment is essential for this process. I know the process helped my partner, as her labour was just over 8 hours, but in real time it felt like 5 minutes when we look back at it. Thank you Steph!” Singer

Jerome Arab, Oxford

“Eliot’s hypnobirth was totally different to the exhaustion and terror I had felt throughout the birth of my first child. With Steph’s (KG Hypnobirthing) course at Oxford Hypnobirthing I felt a million dollars! I got my natural hypnobirth and my experience just shows how different two births can be. The power of the mind is a wonderful thing and finding someone like Steph, who can show you how to use it is equally as wonderful in my book! X”

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Emma, Abingdon

“Guess what!?…..I gave birth to a girl at 6.46am on Saturday, 8lbs 12 and a good helping of hair!

The contractions actually started at 4am on Friday and were stop start all day until Rob came home, I think having him home helped me relax and encouraged things along. I used up breathing throughout the day along with visualisations. I listened to the affirmations first thing on Friday and had aromatherapy oils.

The up breathing really came in use once my waters (literally) popped at about 3am on Saturday. Rob and I headed off to Wallingford (with a small diversion in the wrong direction as Rob did what he calls a scenic detour towards Wantage!).

Once we were at Wallingford Rob ensured the midwife saw the birthing plan I had put together and he tells me that she took her time to read it and immediately took on points from it (speaking in a hushed voice for example). At this point the surges were really ramping up, Rob kept reminding me to do my breathing and relax my shoulders which really helped.

We started the music and filled the birthing pool, I knew instinctively that getting in the pool would really help keep me in the frame of mind I wanted to be in for the birth. Well, as soon as I got in the pool, I had an overwhelming urge to push, it was incredible. However, I knew my body wasn’t quite ready and with continuing encouragement from Rob and the midwife I was able to breathe through these surges (which on reflection felt a little like trying to keep control of a steam train!) and remain calm and relaxed. I kept my eyes closed throughout all this which also helped.

I don’t know quite how long it was but I started to gain confidence in my ability to push the baby out, I had a minor ‘wobble’ when it felt like the progress I was making with each contraction was lost as they subsided but again, positive encouragement from Rob and the Midwives kept me on track and our gorgeous baby girl arrived.

I am so happy I pursued Hypnobirthing and similarly happy that I found your course when I did, the fact that it was based on KGH and I was reading the book at the same time felt like fate! Thank you for your amazing sessions, the content and the way you delivered it was spot on, never too much information. You made us feel welcome and at ease, allowing us to feel confident in utilising the methods and techniques in a way that suited us.”

Kirsty, Abingdon

“I found the Hypnobirthing course to be educational, positive and inspirational! The deep relaxation techniques and understanding how they can add benefit were very useful to me, particularly prior to the birth of my son. I would recommend the course to anyone who wishes to broaden their understanding of pregnancy and childbirth and who needs some support to relax and take time to consider and plan how they wish to prepare for the birth of their baby.”

Katie, Oxford

KG Hypnobirthing Diploma feedback

“Your assessment is excellent Steph. It is detailed, thorough and well balanced.I have picked out one or two [answers to comment on], but all your answers are good and some are excellent. There really is very little for me to add. I loved your answer to the last question and your excitement and enthusiasm really beams off the page as does a thorough understanding of the qualities needed to make an empowering Hypnobirthing teacher.

You have an impressive and enviable array of existing skills and experiences and I think you will find KG Hypnobirthing an exciting tool to add to your professional tool box as well as empowering you personally. You are clearly committed, enthusiastic and empathic and I sense a justified confidence in your ability to use Hypnobirthing to aid couples. You are well on the way to changing women’s lives for the better by improving their chances of experiencing a fulfilling birth and I have no doubt that you will make a lovely KG Hypnobirthing teacher.” KGH Assessor

C Mytum, London

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What is Hypnobirthing?

It’s a good question! Hypnobirthing is a process of letting go of fears and assumptions about birth and replacing them with informed knowledge of the birthing process and confidence! Its also about Hypnosis and using the hypnotic state during child birth to remain calm and deeply relaxed throughout. Hypnosis helps because childbirth is a process of hormonal change that propels the muscle movement that births your baby. When you are calm and relaxed this process is seamless, it can happen easily and sometimes even rather quickly because when we are calm, our muscles work better. They feel comfortable and move smoothly.

By choosing a KG Hypnobirthing course with Oxford Hypnobirthing you will learn to use an array of basic and advanced hypnotic techniques with confidence. Hypnosis and affirmations will help you to release any concerns about birth that you may have. And you will learn breathing techniques and visualisations to enhance your birthing hormones as you progress through the stages of labour.

Confidence and relaxation takes practice. So needless to say, Hypnobirthing is all about the practice. As a result,  when you confirm you course booking you will receive your KGH MP3 Colour & Calmness straight away. This helps because you can start practicing straight away before your true learning even begins!

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