Oxford Hypnobirthing

by Steph McGee

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Do you want to give birth with dignity, grace and a bit of style? Want to feel confident in your birthing body and mind? I did. So after 10 years of hypnobirthing experience I’d love to share all my hypnobirthing (and hypnotherapy) expertise with you! And I’ll give you all the KG Hypnobirthing goodies!


Why everyone is talking about Hypnobirthing

We've all heard the childbirth horror stories and it's hard not to absorb it (if even only on a subconscious level!). So when you hear that Hypnobirthing can make a difference, it's not surprising that you start looking for your nearest Hypnobirthing class. That's because Hypnobirthing teaches you to relax your body AND mind, with complete control & confidence. After all, when you focus on what you want you are much more likely to achieve it!

Did you Know?

Hypnobirthing babies adapt better

Studies have shown that babies born by hypnobirthing score higher at APGAR tests. APGAR tests are visual checks done just after birth to assess baby's ability to adapt to the external world.

Hypnobirthing promotes relaxation

But everyone knows that right? Hypnobirthing teaches you to release fear & relax. Studies have shown relaxation improves emotional well being & can reduce the likelihood of complications during pregnancy & birth.

Pain free birth

Hypnobirthing can’t promise a pain free birth but you are more likely to have a more comfortable and yes, perhaps a pain free birth. Pain is a specialist area of my work & I can share facts about it that will astonish you!...including why everything you think you know about pain is most likely wrong.

A shorter labour

No one can predict how long their labour will be, but KG Hypnobirthing teaches you to focus on what you want so you are more likely to get it (and my Mamas certdo!)

Rapid recovery

Many of my Hypnobirthing mums know they are having medicalised births and to date, all the feedback I have received is that they surprise everyone with their swift recovery & ability to bond with baby.

Confident birth partner

KG Hypnobirthing empowers not just mum but partners as well. A confident birth partner who knows how to support you is a wonderful asset, creating a lovely experience for you both.

I understand why you want the best birth for you & your baby. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist &  3 time Hypnobirthing mama (with 3 different methods of Hypnobirthing at my fingertips) I am with you every step of the way. You won’t be given a ‘To Do List’. Instead you will be given everything you could ever need for your gorgeous birth. You’ll be using your new skills whenever you want, however you want – whatever feels right – moment to moment!

I will teach you. Signpost. Support you all the way. I will share techniques & insights to help support your pregnancy & birth – body & mind. Quite frankly, this stuff will blow your mind!

I will teach you to use all this knowledge & skill to suit your style. Whenever you need it. However you need it. So whether you choose to breath in that magic way that creates calmness & serenity, use the power of your mind to make your body numb at will, or just take your mind off to a place of colour & calm. It’s up to you.

Calm Mama = Calm Birth = Calm Baby

About KG Hypnobirthing

Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing is the UKs original & leading Hypnobirthing method. It’s so good, the teacher training is accredited by Royal College of Midwives. And more than that, Katharine Graves was brought in to teach the midwives at  The Lindo Wing earlier this year. Presumably in preparation for The Duchess of Cambridge’s (then) impending delivery.

Katharine’s course is different and in my opinion more far reaching (therefore better) than other hypnobirthing methods. You will learn all aspects of birth and hypnobirthing – useful because birth rarely takes the precise course you expect it to! Whether it’s ‘Why has my labour slowed?” or an unexpected “I can’t do this” thought – we explain it all…and so make it less likely to happen!


The Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing course is longer than your average Hypnobirthing course – it covers more ground. Take a look at the Full Course Content and see! Over at least ten hours of classes, you will be able to enter a deep state of hypnosis that you can easily bring yourself out of at will… You will also learn progressive relaxation, birthing visualisations for all stages of labour, effective breathing techniques that support not only your birthing body but also promote the release of fear. I’ll teach you glove anaesthesia – the art of making any part of your body numb – at will. You’ll know how to use ‘Anchors’ to induce & deepen relaxed hypnosis as quickly as you need it.

If you’d like, you can read more about the lady who taught me – Katharine Graves

Your Perfect hypnobirthing course

Group KGH Course

I love these courses! You will meet other like minded Hypnobirthing couples, have lots of laughs over tea & biscuits. Other couples are great. They ask the questions you hadn’t thought of, or did like to ask. They bring ideas to the table. There is always humour and lots and lots of learning!

Private 1:1 KGH course

Perfect for those with variable schedules or childcare needs. Perfect for those with complex pregnancies or fears. This Hypnobirthing course can be delivered in your own or my Hypnotherapy practice. Select dates & times to suit your diary and spread sessions out to suit you. The course is bespoke to you so we will focus on your pregnancy, your birth, your baby.

Hypno & KGH

Sometimes there’s unwanted baggage to rid yourself of  before your babies birth. We will do the full KGH course. But start with 4 one hour Hypnotherapy sessions at the Treetops Practice. We will use the famous Rewind-Reframe technique to address birth trauma, toccophobia, in fact any phobia or fear that needs addressing before birth day.

Private group KGH course

Popular with friends & nct groups, this is your very own group course with your pregnant friends. You select the class dates & times to suit your diaries. Spread your hypnobirthing classes out as much as you’d like or keep them close together. I can come to you or you to me. I’ve delivered these courses in Watlington, Witney, Oxford, Bicester, Thame, Abingdon and more, no postcode has yet been too far!


Intensive 1:1 Hypnobirthing

It’s a contradiction of terms isn’t it? Nothing about Hypnobirthing is intensive but we cram so much into this one day course that I can’t call it anything else! It’s not KGH. KGH can only be done in 10-12 hours. But for those seriously short on time I give you every ounce I can in 6 hours. Available in your home or at mine, select dates & times to suit your diary.

Returning mama

A KG Hypnobirthing top up for returning mamas. We will catch up beforehand and discuss what is most important to you. How your last hypnobirth went and what you want to achieve second (or third) hypnobirth around!

Next group hypnobirthing dates

Group Hypnobirthing courses run at Horspath Hub OX331RP near Oxford. Alternative dates are occasionally available and are held at The Treetops Practice nearby. And if a mix & match between courses means you can attend all four sessions just say!

Classes are at 7-9.30pm with arrivals anytime after 6.30 for catch up chats & biscuits!

June Dates

Session 1 – Monday 4th June

Session 2 – Monday 11th June

Session 3 – Monday 18th June

Session 4 – Wednesday 27th June

July Dates

Session 1 – Monday 9th July

Session 2 – Monday 16th July

Session 3 – Monday 23rd July

Session 4 – Monday 30th July

September Dates

Session 1 – Monday 3rd September

Session 2 – Monday 10th September

Session 3 – Monday 17th September

Session 4 – Monday 24th September

October Dates

Session 1 – Monday 8th October

Session 2 – Monday 15th October

Session 3 – Monday 22nd October

Session 4 – Monday 29th October

November/December Dates

Session 1 – Monday 19th November

Session 2 – Monday 26th November

Session 3 – Monday 3rd December

Session 4 – Monday 10th December

See Full KG Hypnobirthing Course Content and Terms & Conditions


You will receive a copy of the Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing book, a folder of KGH notes and posters (content differs between group & 1:1 classes), 3 Hypnobirthing audio tracks and my favourite self hypnosis relaxation MP3 or cd. You will also receive an engraved Hypnobirthing Anchor (I found these so beneficial I now give them to my mamas!) as well as my undivided attention & support throughout your pregnancy!


If you have specific birthing concerns or questions, you will have time to discuss them at length. Is baby in a breech position? There’s a good chance we can turn that around (my breech baby turning rate is impressive)  Do you want to be a Mindful mama? Then lets cover some mindfulness. If you want to discover the secrets of a good nights sleep –  or anything else from my therapeutic arsenal – I’d be happy to oblige. 


Your body is amazing. Join me and learn to rock your birth like the Hypnobirthing Goddess you are.




Katharine Graves Courses on Sale in Oxford





Oxford KG Hypnobirthing Terms & Conditions

You only get to birth your baby once. So let’s create memories that you’ll love!

comments from mams & dads

Kay was flipping amazing! Credit where it's due - the midwives were also amazing. When the second midwife turned up - presumably in case the first one fainted in awe of Kay’s’ amazingness, I could read them. They were both amazed by Kay!

Rich, A new daddy doula

Hypnobirthing allowed me to go with the flow of pregnancy & birth. It put me in a positive, calm state of mind. My partner says I just breather the baby out...which is a beautiful way to think of our boy arriving into this world.

Namvula, Singer, Song Writer & Hypnobirthing Goddess

I am so happy I found your (KG) course when I did. The fact I was already reading the book felt like fate! Thank you so much for your sessions, the content & the way you delivered it was spot on.

Kay, Hypnobirthing superstar

Hypnobirthing prepped me with the tools to go, making me feel more confident and more efficient during my partner's labour. Meeting with Steph taught me that a calm environment is essential for this process.

Jerome, Singer, BBA star & Daddy Doula

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