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Hypnobirthing is taking the birthing world by storm! But some of us have been doing it for years! Whether you join my wonderful group hypnobirthing classes, prefer a private hypnobirthing course of your own or want to know how I can turn your breech baby, I have something to suit your style…
I like to make life easy for you so offer a variety of class styles. Group hypnobirthing classes in Horspath, Oxford, private group classes in your own home or a simple, bespoke 1:1. All postcodes considered so please do ask. I said yes to both Wales & Dubai!
I’m not just hypnobirthing, but perhaps that’s why you’re here? As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I can help release fears & phobias, turn breech babies, reframe induction & c-section births, rewind birth trauma, help to lift morning sickness, antenatal & postnatal depression and more.
Hypnobirthing allowed me to go with the flow in a positive, calm accepting state. I just breathed our baby out! Namvula Rennie

Singer, Song Writer & First time mama

Congratulations mama!

Are considering Hypnobirthing? Then I think you are wonderful! You may have heard a bit of birthing baa humbug but let’s put that to one side shall we? This is your pregnancy, your body, YOUR BIRTH and the memories you create stay with YOU. Whether you want serenity & grace, comfort & confidence, want to avoid pain or release fear – You are in good hands. And I’m here to support you all the way.

What makes KG Hypnobirthing the best?

Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing is the UKs Original & Leading method. KGH is always ahead of the game and always bang up to date. And the birthing world moves fast!

Despite having done two hypnobirthing methods before I found KGH, I was amazed by its superior content & how it improved my birth experience. I thought I knew hypno & birth but KGH took my third child’s hypnobirth to new dimensions. So I can see where other hypnobirthing & mindful methods fell short. That’s why I now only teach the KG Hypnobirthing method.

Katharine Graves is honest. Honest about birth and the processes you will find yourself amongst. You will gain knowledge, understanding & confidence which leads to calm! Calm that is supported and nurtured by the power of all your new hypnobirthing skills. And you are in good company – KGH is the method tipped to have been used by The Duchess of Cambridge!

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Lets start your Hypnobirthing!

Let me guide you through the wonderful world of birth! I’ve been there. Scared of the unknown. Believing the stories. Looking for a different way.

When you book your course with me you’ve got me, my knowledge & my support. My entire career has been spent supporting people – it’s what I do. Support is ongoing throughout your pregnancy. My mamas get a hypnotherapy discount during babies first year. And hypnobirthing social events are forever! So whether you want to reframe a birth trauma, release a fear or phobia, lift antennal depression or morning sickness. I’m here.

Relax into your Hypnobirthing class!

“Relaxation is a key factor in promoting normal physiological labour and the wellbeing of mother and child” says The Royal College of Midwives better birth campaign.
Hypnobirthing is about relaxation. But Katharine Graves is about knowledge, empowerment and releasing fears. That and deep,  unadulterated, hypnotic relaxation for body & mind.

Negative thinking can lead to fear and a fearful (anxious) state is anything bit calm. Your body births less well when scared and even slows labour – to protect you & baby. All those birth horror stories you’ve been told? They don’t help. So let reframe them.

Hypnobirthing helps all births. Birth is amazing and all births (and babies) benefit from a calm, confident mother.

Your perfect Hypnobirthing class!

I believe in making it easy during your pregnancy, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask! Keep an eye on this website or my Oxford Hypnobirthing Facebook page to see the latest offers and discounts!



  • Private 1:1 KGH course £375
  • Private group KGH course £250
  • Group KGH course £199 (was £250)
  • July, September, October AND November/December group class dates now up!
  • Short intensive 6hr 1:1 £275


All courses are the Fully accredited 10-12 hour KG Hypnobirthing course (except the cheeky little short course for those who’ve left Hypnobirthing to the last minute (38 weeks is my lastest Booking so far!)

Birth partners attend free of charge.