KG Hypnobirthing Course Content

Katharine Graves is the UKs Original & Leading Hypnobirthing course. You’ll understand why its so successful when you read the full hypnobirthing course content below!

There is a lot to this Hypnobirthing course and yet it’s fun, very relaxing and easily absorbed. And there’s more! Whenever you raise a question I can help. I am a therapist after all! Nothing is too much trouble, everything you ask is understandable and this hypnobirthing course is designed to be flexible – Just for you.

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Session 1 – The logic of KG Hypnobirthing

  • What You Want to Achieve in Birth (or avoid?)
  • Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing – Why it has become known as The Best
  • Words – Their power for good (and bad)
  • The Power of the Mind: Unbendable Arm Exercise
  • How the Mind Works – Conscious & Subconscious mind, stress & fear of birth
  • Lemon Tree Script – Hypnosis Practice & The mind/Body connection
  • Negatives – The impact of negatives on your birth perspective & experience
  • Other Mammals – From Mice to Mammoths – Why they get birth right & we get it wrong (except for us hypnobirthing mamas that is!)
  • Muscles of the Uterus – What your birthing body is really doing, the power your mind holds to help power you through & how it can cause pain (or not!)
  • Fear, Observation & the creation of Pain
  • Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems – Fight/Fight & Pain
  • Calm Trust Relaxation – Hypnosis Practice – A Fear Release
  • Oxytocin & Endorphins
  • Homework – relax, relax, relax!

Session 2 – Hypnobirthing course techniques

  • Power of the Mind: Up stage of Labour; Up Breathing & Visualisations
  • Head & Face Relaxation – Hypnosis Practice
  • Soften Relaxation – Hypnosis Practice – A Fear Release
  • Calming Touch – Hypnosis Practice
  • Statements for a Gentle Birth – Positive Affirmations
  • Colour & Calmness – Hypnosis Practice
  • Short Relaxations & Anchors for a quick or deeper trance state
  • Babies most usual position for birth
  • Back to Back babies – why it is becoming more common, prevention & turning
  • Breech Babies -options, turning, the changing mindset of the medical profession & turning a Breech Baby with hypnosis
  • Caesarean section – Gentle C-Section & why Hypnobirthing Rocks C Sections
  • Pelvic floor exercises – The logic for both of you!
  • Perineal massage – Logic & why they’ve got to be worth a shot?
  • Tearing in Birth – How to help prevent it (and why hypnobirthing helps so much)
  • Positions for birth – How to increase your pelvis by 30% and what the NICE recommendations say all birthing women should be allowed to do
  • Homework

Session 3 – Preparing for what can happen after your Hypnobirthing course!

  • Due Dates – The stress, the myths, the nosey neighbours, the WHO, the continental drift and the difference of the first baby
  • Stretch & Sweep – The facts, your options &  your rights
  • Natural Inductions – The myths busted & the surprising facts
  • Role of the birth partner – Questions to ask
  • Midwives & Obstetricians
  • Hospital protocols
  • Midwives Dilema
  • Defensive medicine
  • Responsibility for Birth
  • Induction – processes, procedures, stats & hypnobirthing during induction
  • Onset of Labour – Show, Release of membranes, Surges
  • Ultrasound
  • Confidence & Power – Hypnosis Practice – A Fear Release
  • Birth in Water
  • Your mind, your body & your baby
  • Homework


Session 4 – Your Hypnobirth

  • Where to birth
  • Homebirth – common fears, the pros & cons(?)
  • Transfer to Hospital
  • Birth Place – interventions
  • Birth Partners role – why you are mamas most valuable resource & how to shine
  • Birth Partners – Pregnancy, Birth & After Birth
  • Early labour the hypnobirthing way
  • Up stage of Labour
  • What to take to hospital
  • Getting to Hospital
  • Note to your Midwife
  • Vaginal Examinations – options & choice
  • Established Labour
  • Back Stroking
  • Birth Pools
  • Transition or Fear? – Why labour can stall & when your body is taking a rest
  • How to encourage labour naturally
  • Power of the Mind: Down stage of labour; Down Breathing & Visualisations
  • Pushing
  • Developing Life – Hypnosis Practice
  • Golden Hour
  • Birth Proposal
  • Revision – What You Want to Achieve in Birth (or avoid?)
  • Diana’s Story
  • River – Hypnosis Practice


And the Hypnotherapy cherry on top of your Hypnobirthing course!

We all do it – us Hypnobirthing Teachers. We add a piece of ourselves to the course. I’m a 3x Hypnobirthing mummy, a Clifton Practice trained hypnotherapist, have 10 years  teaching experience including biology, psychology & NLP. Here’s a list of some of the bits I add into the course as we are going (when there is time!). Pain – the amazing truth about pain, why there’s no such thing as a pain signal or pain receptor & how to change your birth

  • Hypnobirthing Stories – Myself and the all the Oxford Hypnobirthing mamas that rocked their births
  • Why hypnobabies are magnificently different
  • The birthing mindset, the creation of Stress, Tigers, Fear of birth, the Brain-Body connection, REM, Stress Bucket, The secret to a positive & stress free life & the secret of a good nights sleep
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming, birth and how to loose the fear of any future event
  • What happens when the subconscious mind can’t think backwards & how to use this to your birthing benefit
  • The crucial role of the anterior cingulate in the success of your birth & life ever after
  • Mindful birth & Hypnobirthing – the parallels
  • The simple hack to fool your mind & body into being calm & relaxed
  • Why morphine has nothing on you!
  • Glove anaesthesia – How to make your body numb at will
  • The positive way to talk to your child
  • A must have tip to raise a calm, confident child!