I observed the darndest thing yesterday. And I’m not sure what was stranger. What I observed or the fact that I was surprised by it. To give you the background (as quickly as I can)…

I am a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist

What does that mean?? I am a hypnotherapist who helps you move forward by finding answers and solutions rather than dragging up nasty past issues.

And I work holistically

What does that mean??? It means that whatever the problem you want to resolve, I do that whilst addressing the whole umbrella. And that’s what I am now calling ‘The Nickelback Effect’.

Here’s an example…

Hypnotherapy & The Nickelback Effect:

A woman came to see me for confidence (and only confidence).
After her free initial consultation she reported she was sleeping through the night.
After the second session she said her anger was resolved.
After the third session she said her love life had improved 10 fold.
After the fourth session she said parenting was no longer stressful.
After the fifth session she said her sales had doubled.
After the sixth session she said her confidence issues were resolved. Personally & professionally.

Still unsure?

A woman came to see me for social anxiety (and only social anxiety).
After her free initial consultation she reported her phobia of snakes had stopped and she was sleeping through the night.
After the second session she reported she no longer shouted at her kids & the school run was a breeze.
After the third session she said she was not using alcohol as a crutch.
After the fourth she gave up smoking.
After the fifth session she reported her social anxiety was resolved.

So that is the Nickelback effect. But it was only yesterday that I named it The Nickelback Effect. Because yesterday, I saw it in action, in the one place I NEVER thought I’d see it.

What was I doing? I was minding my own business. Tidying the lounge. The kitchen radio was on, as always. Loud, as always. My husband listening to the Pop Quiz with Ken Bruce, as always. Normal. And then it happened. The Nickelback Effect.

I’m through standing in line, To clubs we’ll never get in, It’s like the bottom of the ninth, And I’m never gonna win…

And nothing. Not a thing.

Little things can be big stressors

Now I’ve known my husband for a long time. A very long time. And I accept him. Pros & cons, risks & benefits, ups & downs, highs & lows. But there’s this one thing he does. And it’s that song. That Nickelback song.
When that song starts on the radio my husband turns. He turns into a fire breathing dragon, who bellows “I hate that song” “Don’t do that to my ears” “I can’t take it” “Why…Why…WHY?!” I then hear running (stamping) and the radio is shut down. Then there’s a little lingering huffing & puffing (the way a dragon does) before a great huge sigh of relief. 10 minutes later, when it’s definitely safe to turn the radio back on, life returns to normal.

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So why didn’t this happen yesterday?
Back when I was a student hypnotherapist, I needed volunteers. I prowled the school playground at pick up time for willing Mums. Some jumped at the chance of a freebie, others looked at me like I had three heads. My husband, knowing I needed more volunteers, offered himself up. But what on earth for? Sleep. Sounds like an easy win given the results with the clients I mentioned earlier, doesn’t it?
Believe me, it wasn’t. It’s not easy working with friends, let alone relatives.

My hypnotherapy lecturer warned me, but I didn’t listen. So both feet jumping straight in, I took on a long a standing insomniac who just happened to be my husband. The weeks rolled by and nothing…as I said…working with relatives isn’t recommended.

Arguably the tipping point, the key, if you like was Integrated Parts Therapy, an advanced form of hypnotherapy. But the Solution Focused hypnotherapy played its part too. It played its part well and with a most surprising outcome. “I feel different” he said. “I’m sleeping” he said.

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Then….”Its that song. You know, THAT song. That NICKELBACK song. It’s been on the radio and I’ve not turned it off. I’m not saying I like that song. I don’t. But I don’t need to turn it off.”. I was stunned. For me this was more significant than the sleep! It said it all about the holistic work I do. Then the days turned to weeks, turned to months turned to years etc etc and I just haven’t heard that song.
Until yesterday. And there it was. As I braced myself for the fallout which never came. I got my very own evidence that my hypnotherapy is not only good but that Solution Focused hypnotherapy is holistic. That clients, even the challenging family member clients, get more than they bargained for. And I now call it The Nickelback Effect.