Self Hypnosis for Childbirth

This Oxford Hypnobirthing package is a delightful alternative to the KG antennal hypnobirthing that I also offer. It consists of 5 weekly, one hour sessions, the first of which is free!

Self-Hypnosis for Childbirth

This is a Solution Focused Hypnobirthing course and as such will provide you with a positive and fast route to hypnobirthing. You will learn how fear has sadly (& incorrectly) became synonymous with childbirth; how to release any fears or anxieties you may have and how to achieve a beautifully deep state of relaxed, self hypnosis for childbirth. This hypnobirthing package will give you the tools to put yourself back in control of your birthing experience.

I have a wealth of hypnobirthing experience and training, so I will tailor this course to your needs. When we identify elements of other programmes or therapies that you will benefit from, I shall simply incorporate them for you.

Book your Complementary Initial Consultation

The first, free session is an initial consultation. It is an opportunity for you to discover more about childbirth, hypnobirthing and discuss what you would like to achieve.

During the following four sessions you will develop the ability to reach a beautifully deep state of hypnosis during hypnobirthing. You will learn to maintain this deeply relaxed state for as long as you wish and learn to enter in and out of it as you wish.  In addition, you will be given a deep knowledge of childbirth, the processes that surround childbirth, the importance of the mind/body connection and vitally, how to use it to your advantage.  This course also includes a psychotherapeutic element to reduce any stresses you may have in your life during your exciting, busy pregnancy.

You will be provided with a free hypnosis cd. However, unlike many other hypnobirthing courses, you will not be asked to self coach with recordings. You will learn a natural, self created state of self hypnosis which you can then use anytime, anywhere, during your practice, or your baby’s birth. (Except whilst driving of course!)


Discover the benefits of hypnobirthing at


Mothers (myself included!) who have used hypnobirthing have reported

  • Deeper & more restful sleep
  • Confidence in the birthing process
  • Reduced digestive problems/heartburn
  • Lowering of high blood pressure
  • Spontaneous labour
  • Reduced need for induction
  • Reduced use of drugs
  • Shorted labour
  • A peaceful, tranquil birthing environment
  • Reduced need for interventions
  • Babies sleep & feed better when they are born with fewer drugs in their system
  • And more…

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