Is Emma the fastest hypnobirthing mummy in Oxfordshire?

Read her guest hypnobirthing blog to find out…Because not many hypnobirthing couples can say their baby’s hypnobirth was as high speed or at as many miles per hour as Emma & Adams! But they certainly practiced the hypnobirthing techniques I shared with them and they certainly got the fast, natural birth they wanted. It was in stark contrast to the birth of their first child which involved several trips to the hospital and being sent home, labour stalling on more than one occasion, leading to augmentation and further interventions…But baby number two’s entry into the world was slick, a bit too slick perhaps?!

My hypnobirthing journey really started I would say as soon as I found out I was pregnant with Eliot, which was May 2016. I had already decided that I wanted and needed my birth experience to be different from the fairly awful time I had had with Miles, my first son.

Oxford Hypnobirthing gorgeous baby EliotI joined an aqua-natal group and I instantly recognised Steph who was an ex-colleague of mine and pregnant with her third baby. She told me about her career change to hypnotherapy and when asked, confirmed that yes, she did hypnobirthing as well! It was something I wanted to try; Steph was very passionate about it and told me how she had used the techniques whilst giving birth to her two older children.

I completed Steph’s KG hypnobirthing course with my husband Adam¬†over 4 weeks. Steph came to our house for the first few and then we travelled to her because she was more pregnant than me! We both loved the hypnotherapy and visualisations as well as really having a lot of anatomy explained. I was warned that hypnobirthing was likely to mean that labour was faster and to the outsider it may not appear that I was in established labour due to feeling empowered and in control. Although I fully engaged with the course, I still had an inkling that my labour would be long, difficult and painful like the first had been. I practised and listened to the hypnosis CDs and kept reminding myself that I could have the birth I wanted.

Emma Adam and baby EliotOn the 27th January 2017, I was sitting on the sofa tying my shoe laces when I felt a sort of rumbling, stood up and felt a ‘gush.’ Quite a shock! It should have been my last day at work and it was 6 days before due date! So I had a moment… I started crying…about ‘not being ready’ etc. I didn’t go to work but Adam did and he took Miles to my Mum’s. I called the midwives who advised usual protocol about induction after 24 hours of waters breaking and came out to examine me. They conducted the examination using Miles’s Peppa Pig torch as they’d forgotten theirs! They advised me to relax and that things looked as though they were happening. I had a sleep and ate and generally rested.

Adam came home at 4.30pm having told work he wouldn’t be in for two weeks. We had decided after much discussion, as still nothing much was happening to leave Miles with Mum overnight. By this point I had had the odd surge (contraction) but nothing to speak of. I sent Adam to the chip shop at about 6pm because I felt like being alone. He was only gone around 15 minutes. But things started to happen and by the time he came back my surges were strong and close together. I listened to Steph’s hypno cd and kept moving and breathing.

At 7pm I told Adam I wasn’t coping with the pain and felt like pushing. I went into the lounge, then promptly left, fearing I might wreck the carpet. I instead went to the downstairs loo and took my trousers off so I think my instincts were telling me that birth was close. In hindsight we should have stayed at home but despite it being covered in Steph’s course, having a home birth wasn’t something either of us had talked about – because we didn’t particularly want it…So the obvious thing seemed to be to get in the car and go to the hospital!

Baby Eliot with Oxford Hypnotherapy & Hypnobirthing

We bundled into the car, me on my knees on the front seat, facing¬†backwards and hugging the headrest. I was adamant I couldn’t sit, nor be strapped in. As we got to the slip road to come off the duel carriage way we got stuck in traffic behind a broken down bus! I had 3 big surges all together and felt a burning sensation. I said to Adam ‘he’s coming, he’s coming!’ Then ‘the heads out!’ I just got my trousers down in time and Eliot just sort of fell out on the seat (which is ruined obviously). Adam was still driving so I shouted “Pull Over!!” Adam ran around to pick up the baby who had cried as soon as he’d hit the seat. Adam shouted to the bloke in the car behind “Can you give me a hand? My wife’s just had a baby!” The guy took one look at Adam and said “I’m no good with that” before promptly driving off!
High Speed Hypnobirthing in Oxford

Adam picked up Eliot & handed him to me. He got a blanket from the boot and then dialled 999 for an ambulance. The first responder was there within 4 minutes and then a big ambulance arrived. Adam cut the cord in the ambulance after a good 30 minutes so Eliot benefitted from all the cord blood. I was even able to breastfeed straight away in the ambulance. We were taken to the Hospital to be checked out.

Eliot’s hypnobirth was totally different to the exhaustion and terror I had felt throughout the birth of my first child, Miles. With hypnobirthing I felt a million dollars! So much so, I was convinced that we would be sent straight home once I had delivered the placenta, which I did naturally, 90 minutes after birth. Unfortunately during the birth of my first baby, I had had an episiotomy and that did open up again during my hypnobirth. Steph had told me the benefits of perennial massage (and various other tips to reduce the chances of tearing) but it just didn’t appeal to me. We also found out that Eliot weighed 8lbs 9 oz (3.85 kilos)!

So I got my natural hypnobirth and my experience just shows how different two births can be. The power of the mind is a wonderful thing and finding someone like Steph, who can show you how to use it is equally as wonderful in my book! X

Relaxed birth with Hypnobirthing at

I have to add hypnobirthing a disclaimer, don’t I?

As Emma says, I do advise that hypnobirthing babies can birth quickly and easily. And now, thanks to Emma & Adam, I have a lovely example to give my hypnobirthing couples that really drives that message home… After all, when pregnant, labouring mothers are relaxed, calm, confident and using all the glorious hypnobirthing techniques I’ve taught them, their bodies do exactly what they’re supposed to do…beautifully and spontaneously…occasionally in the car… on the Oxford bypass.