Hypnobirthing Group Classes

Do you want a hypnobirth? Good choice! Because Hypnobirthing replaces birth fear with birth knowledge, birth confidence and hypnotic skills that all help to create a very positive birth experience!

Hypnobirthing can take your natural, induction or c-section birth to a place of calmness and serenity! Because when you you are confident, calm & relaxed your body births better & you feel better!

And there’s nothing nicer than all the laughter created by learning your Hypnobirthing skills alongside a group of likeminded mindful hypnobirthing mamas!

So you can make gorgeous new friends whilst discovering the secrets of a calm, relaxed pregnancy and of course – a positive birth!

Most clients book after 20 weeks and I recommend you aim to finish your course by 36 weeks. So…

1. Plan ahead & give yourself plenty of time to ask questions & practice or;

2. Book a last minute course and knuckle down to your practice!  Its never too late – I’ve been booked as late as 38 weeks!

Birth partners attend at no additional fee.

Evening or Weekend courses are available in:

Course places are going fast so contact me to book your place by BACS  then complete your enrolement form

KG Hypnobirthing

Private 1:1 Classes

KG Hypnobirthing

Online Course

antenatal & postnatal


Hospital or Homebirth? – A Thame Hypnobirthing Story

Homebirth is not at the top of every pregnant woman's birth plan. But I see it all the time. Mamas start my Thame hypnobirthing classes with firm ideas about where they want to give birth. But this is KG Hypnobirthing so they start to discover all their Birth Choices....

Do you want a really short labour? (or a long one!)

I love giving birth. And yes, I do get some pretty shocked reactions when I say that out loud! I love the science of labour - The psychology of labour. And guess what? I love giving birth. Why? Because I'm a hypnobirthing mummy. My hypnobirthing experiences have all...

High Speed Hypnobirthing

Is Emma the fastest hypnobirthing mummy in Oxfordshire? Read her guest hypnobirthing blog to find out...Because not many hypnobirthing couples can say their baby's hypnobirth was as high speed or at as many miles per hour as Emma & Adams! But they certainly...

This is my Good Baby

I did the school run. I know, right? Two weeks ago I was having my third glorious hypnobirth and this week I'm back at work and taking on the school run (the latter being far more "Wow, you're not are you? So soon?" than the former in my mind. So on this dreaded...

Postpartum Confessions of a Hypnobirthing Goddess

I'm a Goddess. A hypnobirthing Goddess! I birth beautifully, calmly and serenely. And did I mention quickly? Because I'm a hypnobirhitng goddess. From then on? But the rest of the story...? My baby sleeps But then that's the rumour isn't it? That Hypnobirthing babies...

That Darn Due Date

Siri just popped up uninvited (yet again) so I asked "When will I have my baby?" "Interesting question, I might have to get back to you" she replied. Good answer Siri! But it seems everyone else knows. The due date negotiations At my 10 week booking in appointment, my...

Why I chose Hypnobirthing

"Before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday, she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel, and fall into a sleep like death!" (Malificent) No wait, that’s not it but the principle is the same, or rather similar. Hypnobirthing is just too good for...

KGH course options:

  • Group Course – See dates & venues below
  • Private Course – In your home or my Practice
  • Private Group Course –  just you & your prenatal yoga friend(s)!
  • Online Course  – See the flexible KGH Online course here

Birth Preparation Classes

Hypnobirthing Classes

Classes in Horspath, Wheatley, Thame and Witney.

Group courses are available in:

Choose from evening classes spread over 4 weeks or complete your course in a weekend!

All group course bookings reduced this winter! (Were £250)


Jan/Feb 2019 -  Wheatley, Oxford

  • 1 - Hypnosis & Birth - Mon 21st Jan
  • 2 - Advanced Techniques - Mon 28th
  • 3 - Mind, Body & Birth - Mon 4th Feb
  • 4 - Your Hypnobirth - Mon 11th Feb

7pm-9.30pm With Steph In Horsp

£239 per mama

Feb/March 2018 -  Horspath, Oxford

  • 1 - Hypnosis & Birth - Mon 25th Feb
  • 2 - Advanced Techniques - Mon 4th Mar
  • 3 - Mind, Body, Birth - Mon 11th Mar
  • 4 - Your Hypnobirth - Mon 18th Mar
7pm-9.30pm With Steph In Horspath village Horspath Hub OX33 1RP


March 2019 -  Witney

  • 1 - Hypnosis & Birth - Sat 2nd
  • 2 - Advanced Techniques - Sat 2nd
  • 3 - Mind, Body & Birth - Sat 9th
  • 4 - Your Hypnobirth - Sat 9th

This course is on 2 consecutive Saturdays. Early bookings will receive their book in advance.

Only 3 spaces left!

10am-3.30pm With Steph


April -  No Group Classes


7pm-9.30pm With Steph In Horspath village Horspath Hub

March 2019 - Thame


  • 1 - Hypnosis & Birth - Wed 6th
  • 2 - Advanced Techniques - Wed 13th
  • 3 - Mind, Body, Birth - Wed 20th
  • 4 - Your Hypnobirth - Wed 27th

7pm-9.30pm With Steph


June 2019 -  Horspath, Oxford

  • 1 - Hypnosis & Birth - Mon 3rd June
  • 2 - Advanced Techniques - Mon 10th June
  • 3 - Mind, Body, Birth - Mon 17th June
  • 4 - Your Hypnobirth - Mon 24th June
7pm-9.30pm With Steph In Horspath village Horspath Hub OX33 1RP


July 2019 -  Horspath, Oxford

  • 1 - Hypnosis & Birth - Mon 1st July
  • 2 - Advanced Techniques - Mon 8th
  • 3 - Mind, Body, Birth - Mon 15th July
  • 4 - Your Hypnobirth - Mon 22nd July
7pm-9.30pm With Steph In Horspath village Horspath Hub OX33 1RP


included in your course:

  • 10 hours of Hypnobirthing classes
  • The Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves
  • Folder of KG Hypnobirthing notes & posters
  • KGH MP3 Colour & Calmness
  • Hypnobirthing Anchor Stone
  • Daily positive birth affirmations to your inbox
  • Printable positive birth affirmations
  • Support throughout your pregnancy
  • See Full KGH Course Content & Structure
  • Visit Steph’s KGH Global page
Your birth

I’ve got You

I offer support through pregnancy & birth to ALL my hypnobirthing mamas (not just the private bookings) because you are all important. We have social meet ups because you LOVE them. I’ve been teaching for over 15 years, given birth to my own three hypnobabies, studied & used different Hypnobirthing methods so I know what makes the difference (and why some hypnobirthing misses the mark!).

Booking is easy! Secure your place with a £50 deposit via BACS and pay the remainder 2 weeks before your course starts.

Contact me in confidence if you are experiencing financial hardship so we can discuss what might work.

Your birth

Getting Started Is Easy

Contact me

Call, text or email & we’ll book you in. (Your place is not secure until confirmed via deposit)

Secure your course

Enrole here & Confirm your group or private course dates with a £50 deposit via BACs (see KGH Ts&Cs)

Start Practising

Receive your KGH MP3 straight away & start practicing. Contact me anytime, because you’re on my team!

1st Class

Your course begins! Lets whisk you off to a world of birth confidence, joyful anticipation & calm success.
group hypnobirthing

More About Group Classes

Group Hypnobirthing classes are great. You may arrive scared of birth but will soon discover it’s normal & that you are not alone. But most importantly, you will meet people who all want a positive birth. As a result, this leads to a meeting of minds & a making of friends, particularly as your Hypnobirthing skills grow & you start looking forward to the process of giving birth!

Your pregnant, so I like to make things easy for you! The course is split into 4 classes.  So if you miss one, you can catch up on the next course (wherever your dates & my space allows). You will be emailed joining instructions before your course starts.


What You Are Saying About My Courses

“Hypnobirthing allowed me to go with the flow of pregnancy and birth. It put me in a positive, calm and accepting state of mind.  My partner was great & I just breathed our baby out.”

Namvula, Oxford, Singer

“Scared about the thought of giving birth, I ended up looking forward to it! I was excited to test my body and see what it could do! We had a fast early labour, chilling out, with no drugs or pain relief. I loved the whole experience!”

Catherine, Kidlington

“Hypnobirthing prepped me with the tools to go, making me more confident and more efficient during my partner’s labour. Meeting Steph taught me that a calm environment it essential for the process.”

Jerome, Zimbawe, Singer

Want to love your baby’s birth?

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