We are told throughout our lives that getting pregnant is easy, too easy. So it can come as a shock when, as an adult, you find that that isn’t the case. Fertility is not just about about sex or understanding your cycles. The mind plays a crucial role in determining your fertility and your wellbeing.

How often have you been told “Relax. Don’t think about it and it will happen”? It’s good advice, but it’s easier said than done.

Fertility is an emotive issue so it’s not surprising that failure to conceive can lead to negative thoughts, emotions, anxiety and stress. It can also lead to depression. But did you know that these negative emotions can, in themselves be a barrier to you getting pregnant? When we are in a prolonged, heightened state of anxiety, our chemistry becomes focused on self preservation & survival (the fight or flight response). When we subconsciously believe we are in danger, it makes sense that our body stops prioritsing reproduction. Hypnotherapy for fertility helps you bring your anxiety levels right down. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps you focus on the positive aspects of life where you can find that gentle confidence and acceptance that everything you are doing is taking you in the right direction. Hypnotherpay helps you reach that all important state of wellbeing, in which you achieve a state of mental, spiritual and physical balance needed for fertility. A state where your body can naturally produce the conditions needed for fertility and pregnancy. That is why hypnotherapy for fertility is such a fast and effect tool!

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Waiting for fertility testing and treatments can be a challenging time. Fertility treatments like IVF can compound the struggle and stress of infertility – placing the mind and body in a state of heightened anxiety. Quite the opposite of what is needed when one is trying to conceive! Pregnancy is a gentle, natural state so fertility is best approached in the same manner. Hypnotherapy can help bring about that gentle, confident, integrated balance of mind, body and emotions.

Hypnotherapy can help to improve your mental and emotional wellbeing. I use a combination of Solution Focused techniques including mindfulness which aim to:

Reduce stress

Place you back in control of your emotions

Restore physical, mental and emotional balance & wellbeing

Provide support and keep you forward focused

Identify and resolve conscious & subconscious issues that may be preventing conception

Help manage disappointments, including grief

Give you an invaluable understanding of the mind-body connection

Integrated Parts Therapy is particularly impactive when subconscious issues are effecting ones ability to become pregnant. It is not right he right type of hypnotherapy for everyone. I can usually assess within the first session if you are likely to benefit.


I have have travelled the infertility journey myself. I know how painful the journey can be and that it can feel endless. As I developed my understanding of fertility and infertility I discovered how much there is at play. How small things, that perhaps seem unimportant to you now, can make a difference. The knowledge I developed over the years gave me the ability to step back. That’s when I made a decision that changed my life. I turned to hypnotherapy. Everything my husband & I had learnt along our path to pregnancy was invaluable and served as foundations for conception. But Hypnotherapy was the key. I’d like to share my knowledge with you and let hypnotherapy be your key to calm, confident success. If you like, you can read about my own experience with Parts Hypnoherapy for fertility in my blog The Ultimate Key to Fertility.

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