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PTSD and trauma

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Hello! I’m STEPH

I am passionate about Hypnotherapy and Hypnobirthing. My clients are amazing people who work hard and strive for balance, harmony and success in their private & professional lives.

About Hypnotherapy


What is hypnotherapy?

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a combination of talking therapies such as CBT and Psychotherapy and hypnosis. It’s useful to think of the hypnosis as a useful tool that can help to speed up the therapeutic process of talking therapies.  Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation, rather like a having daydream. In fact, we all go into hypnosis regularly – for example, when we are daydreaming, loosing yourself in a good book or simply driving on a familiar road and not noticing the detail of the journey. When in a state of hypnosis our brains are able to absorb information, are highly imaginative and become responsive to new and useful information (positive suggestion). During the first part of each session we discuss your best hopes. As a result, your mind knows what you want to achieve before we start to use the hypnosis.


All hyponsis is considered self-hypnosis. As your hypnotherapist, I guide my clients into a state of hypnosis with their consent and you are always in control. This means that you control how relaxed you feel and can come out of hypnosis whenever you want.  Hypnosis has been around for thousands of years in various forms of meditation.  You will learn to naturally feel relaxed and be in control at all times. 

What can hypnotherapy help with?

They way we think is pivotal to the way we feel and behave. Consequently we can change unwanted behaviours, emotions and feelings by changing our thought patterns.

Hypnotherapy can help with anything routed in or exacerbated by the mind. So if you think hypno can help you, it probably can!! Hypnosis has a long history of use in pain management, both mental and physical and has become more and more commonly used for stress related issues, self confidence, low mood,  phobias, addictions, bad habits, skin conditions and more.



What my Hypnotherapy clients are saying

“After a couple of hypno sessions with Steph I can sleep through the night! I feel great again. Thanks Steph”

Sean – Birmingham

“I changed my outlook on life. Steph has truly unlocked positive thinking & self confidence. Thank you again for taking sheer panic & constant self doubt out of my life! – it been holding me back from the path to success.”

Michelle – Oxford

“Steph helped me tremendously during IVF. She equipped me with the tools to increase relaxation & calmness. Steph’s treatment was very powerful going though my 2nd round of IVF and I recently had a positive test result.”

 Sarah – Witney

Rewind Technique

Fast resolution of trauma

Many people experience some sort of trauma during their life time and for most, their brains file it like any other memory and they are able move on. However, some people find that they’re not able to get past a trauma. As a result, it can stay ‘present’ in the form of flashbacks, dreams or  constant reminders, involuntary recall,  intrusive thoughts and feeling hyper vigilant or on edge.

Rewind is a fast and effective way of moving on from trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Post Traumatic Stress (PTS).

The Rewind Technique as designed by Dr David MUSS and has been around for some 23 years. It can help resolve simple and complex trauma very quickly, often requiring no more than 2 or 3 sessions.

The benefits of rewind

Rewind is known as “Closure without Disclosure” so as well as the obvious benefit of speed, Rewind involves very little discussion of the traumatic event. As a result, there is no need to disclose sensitive information (so useful for those in sensitive roles such as the police or armed forces) as well as the obvious benefit of not needing to discuss the detail of the event.

how does HYPNOTHERAPY work?
  • An Initial Consultation will help you decide if hypnotherapy is right for you.
  • We shall discuss what you want to achieve, how you would like things to move forward & what is already working.
  • Then I will explain how the mind & body work - and consequently, how hypnotherapy can help.
  • Whatever you are experiencing or suffering, you will learn that it is completely understandable and resolvable. Once you understand what is happening, you can start to see change!
  • I will give you a Hypnotherapy MP3 or CD to listen to between our sessions.
  • Whilst results vary, you can expect to see positive change after every session. Your subsequent hypnotherapy sessions include a seamless combination of solution focused therapy, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.

Oxford Hypnobirthing

DO YOU WANT TO give birth with  dignity and grace?

I did. And with over 10 years Hypnobirthing experience I’d like to teach you how! I learnt to feel confident in my birthing body and equally became confident in my use of hypnosis for birth. And best of all I felt empowered, because I knew what I wanted and knew how to achieve it.

Whether you want a gorgeous birth, to feel safe, be more mindful, to move away from fears, anxieties, past trauma or want to turn a breech baby – I can help!

Why everyone is talking about Hypnobirthing

Has someone told you that a positive, enjoyable birth is possible? Good! My Hypnobirthing mamas send me their gorgeous child birth stories every week and I’d like to help you create a wonderful birth experience as well.

But we’ve all heard the childbirth horror stories. So when you hear that Hypnobirthing can make a difference it makes sense to look for a class. That’s because hypnobirthing teaches you to relax your body and mind – with complete confidence and control. You will learn the ‘must know’  facts about birth that really ought to be taught everywhere. And you’ll learn to control your focus. Because when you focus on what you want – you are much more likely to achieve it. And crucially, you’ll get all the support you need.

Hospital or Homebirth? – A Thame Hypnobirthing Story

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KG Hypnobirthing

Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing is the UK’s original & leading Hypnobirthing method.

And I am lucky enough to have been trained by Katharine Graves herself!

I offer the FULL KG Hypnobirthing course so that you don’t miss a thing! You wouldn’t half pack your hospital bag would you? Of course not!  So make sure you do the FULL KG Hypnobirthing course!

Hello! I’m Brain Andrews

Rest easy. I am your fully registered KG Hypnobirthing teacher, a fully accredited member of the National Council of Hypnotherapy and the CNHC (meaning I am authorised by the Professional Standards Agency) and am fully DBS checked & insured.

Plus I am a three time Hypnobirthing mama. Therefore I have real life experience of calm, positive hypnobirths x 3!

“Our birthing experience was amazing! We arrived at the MLU after hosting a BBQ in the afternoon whilst I was in mild labour! My partner was amazing! Thanks again for all your help and giving us the confidence needed to let our baby come into the world just perfect!”

Alexi, Abingdon

“My baby is so chilled and from 5 & 1/2 weeks was sleeping through the night (a breast fed baby!) I don’t see this as a coincidence as I had the best and most relaxing labour – she turned out to be such a chilled baby!”

Georgie, Witney

“I chose the group course and LOVED it. We’ve made friends, learned invaluable information and am strong & confident to ask for what I want and enjoy it. The true beauty of KG Hypnobirthing is the positivity. Not only a beautiful way of looking at birth but a valuable life lesson too!”

Carrie, Thame

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