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Why do you want hypnobirthing?

Everyone has their own reasons for seeking out a hypnobirthing course in the weeks or months before their baby is born and everyone’s reasons are good.

Some mothers are seeking pleasure, some avoiding pain, some wanting to reduce fear or increase confidence. But there is always a golden thread that links each mother’s various reasons for choosing hypnobirthing – they all want the very best for themselves and the very best for baby. And there can be no better reason to choose hypnobirthing than that!

I myself, have had 3 glorious hypnobirths. Hypnobirthing is what fuelled my deep interest in hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

As a new expectant mother I was nervous of the unknown (despite all the usual birthing classes) but I knew that embarking on any new experience with nervousness rather than confidence could create unnecessary hurdles. I extended that logic to child birth. Hypnobirthing enabled me to feel relaxed about going into labour and I was able to have the calm, natural childbirths I wanted.

To my surprise this was a process I was able to share with my partner. He practiced the self hypnosis himself, which increased his confidence in the process and improved his sleep in the weeks before the big day. We both continued to use the techniques after the birth, to aid sleep, relaxation and even for visits to the dentist!

When in labour, the more relaxed a mother is, the more comfortable she is. Some cultures regard childbirth as a natural, very ordinary event. They do not associate labour with pain so do not experience pain and this is passed from generation to generation. In our culture we all too often associate labour with pain, because we are told to. Well meaning friends, family & colleagues are often quick to share horror stories and those of us who’ve had pleasant birthing experiences all to often get over shadowed.

The reported benefits of Hypnobirthing

Deeper and more restful sleep both before and after the birth

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Feeling more relaxed about the birth

Improved digestive problems and heartburn

A calm & peaceful birthing environment

Increased likelihood of spontaneous birth (without need for induction)

Reduced need to be given drugs

Shorter, more relaxed labour with fewer interventions

Ability to remain calm and relaxed when intervention is required

Resolution of fears caused by previous negative experience

An awake and energised mother

Babies sleeping and feeding better

Whether you choose Oxford Hypnobirthing’s KG Hypnobirthing course or Solution Focused Hypnobirthing course, you will be able to enter self-hypnosis easily. You will have control over your body and mind, and will be an active participant in your hypnobirth.

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