Could Taming Tigers help get you Pregnant?

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Imagine this. You’re staring at a saber-tooth tiger. A great big snarling beast of a tiger who wants to attack & eat you right up. You’d be scared, right? Of course you would. Now imagine you are trying to get pregnant. Let’s imagine you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while and you are starting to wonder about your fertility. You are starting to wonder if something is wrong and that word – that infertility word – has started to enter your head. And then someone mentions that magical, mysterious word Hypnotherapy.  But the tiger, infertility and hypnotherapy have nothing to do with each other at all, or do they?

Tigers, Fertility & Hypnotherapy

Back to the tiger. What would happen if you turned a cornered and BAM you’re faced with a hungry, slavering tiger? Your stress levels would go up. You’d produce adrenaline in unprecedented amounts. Your heart would start pounding, your hands would start shaking. You might faint, you might be frozen still, you might pee yourself, be sick (or worse). Without doubt, you’d go into the natural fight or flight survival response.

But what does this have to do with fertility?

When you see that tiger your blood leaves the nonessential areas of your body. Your blood is sent to your arms and legs so that you can Run – FAST….Or Fight – HARD. It’s sent to your heart & lungs to power you through. Your nonessential organs – the ones that don’t directly help your immediate survival become unimportant. After all, why waste valuable resources digesting food, creating high quality eggs or sperm or creating a beautiful, nutritious uterine lining when there’s a heart and two lungs that need energy to actually save YOUR life!! But there are no tigers. Not in Oxford. Not Anywhere. You know that. The tiger is a metaphor. The tiger is all the stress & negative thinking in your life. Its not just the fears about fertility but all the other day-to-day worries as well. It is that one great big stressor that feels as scary as a Tiger, a combination all the little stressors that amount to a mountain that may as well be a Tiger or both!

Do you think your body cares about getting pregnant when you are staring at a tiger? NO. Every ounce of your conscious mind may be focusing on getting pregnant but your subconscious (survival orientated) mind & your body are focusing solely on your survival. Your subconscious instinct is to follow old patterns of behaviour that have served you well in the past, that have helped you deal with tigers. That’s why so many of my fertility clients walk through my door saying ‘I’m still smoking on the quiet’ or ‘I eat healthily all week then ruin it at weekends’ or ‘I’m throwing myself into work’ and most common of all ‘I can’t stop worrying about getting pregnant, I just wish I could relax and let it happen!’ With as much as 30% of infertility being of unexplained cause, its no wonder that hypnotherapy is such a powerful tool.

Fear needs a Focus

When conception doesn’t happened quickly it’s natural to wonder why. Especially if you are surrounded by people who tell you how easy it is to get pregnant. All these negative thoughts, this worrying, equates to teeny tiny pieces of a tiger and the more you worry the bigger that tiger of yours gets. Why? Because negative thinking creates fear and that fear will find something to focus on – a tiger. The bigger and scarier the tiger becomes, the more your mind will focus on it. The more your body and mind focus on it, the more your mind and body want to run. With your best interests at heart, they prioritise your immediate survival & swiftly shelve your baby plans.

Fertility Tests, IUI & IVF

Now imagine you are going through a series of fertility tests. Having your bloods taken, donating sperm, tube checks, waiting list after waiting list. Perhaps you’ve discovered something is wrong. Perhaps you’ve suffered loss.  Or trauma. Perhaps you thought nothing was wrong but have now discovered that something is a bit offline? Perhaps you’re in the midst of IUI, IVF or ICSI. When fear and negative thinking become a habit you may as well ask that tiger to stand nose to nose with you, double its size and growl until its jaws ache!!

How Hypnotherapy helps with Fertility

Hypnotherapy helps you to alter the way you think and feel. It helps reduce stress, hypnotherapy is after all a talking therapy that utilises hypnosis to enhance the process. Hypnotherapy for fertility helps you learn to direct your focus. With Hypnosis you will still be focused on your goal, still taking care of yourself  (better care) but you can start enjoying your life again. Part enjoying yourself. This tigers? They will only be tigers if you allow them so to be. Because whether there are not, if you don’t notice them and don’t focus on them, they don’t exist. When you start to change the way your think, the tiger simply doesn’t get as big. You don’t need to RUN or FIGHT. And thats when the magic happens…You can read about my own personal fertility journey & how hypnotherapy worked in just a few weeks…in my blog…The Ultimate Key to Fertility

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